Always Already Here, Vol. 1

by Joshua Bienko

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I gotta a grip on this game like an old pair of Neumanns, I'm rippin rap back like my name is Luc Tuymans, Got a studio of helpers like I'm Peter Paul Rubens, Dolly Parton, go lean, Jolene, Marlen Dumas, My squad call me Do mas, do mas, do mas, do mas, Cuz I'm old school rap, got some zubaz and some pumas, Starter Magic hat will do us, Hocus Pocus Alphonse Mucas, Smokin these cats, Pumas on the Hookahs, I appealing like an orange and a group of OompaLoompas, I ain't seen Star Wars, I can't focus like I'm Lucas, Robert Gober, Robert Goober, Robert got a little mucas, Now I'm coughin and I'm puking like I got a case of Lupus. I'm hearing what you're saying but the buttons staying muted, Putting product in the window, now it's looking de-looted, I'm the best to ever do it, Intuition Instituted, Re-kick the beat, Ah, Re-boot it.
Fresh for 88, look at all the work I did, Mavs, Suns, Nets, Ricks, Knicks, J. Kidd, Brains, guts, beer, nuts, Francis Bacon, I know, I know, I look better than my paintings, Yeah I made a mixtape, ain't sorry for the wait, Just in the knick of time, Call it Bonnie Raitt, Let's give em something to talk about, I'm spittin hate, Ain't gotta cheat to win... deflate gate. I know it's discouraging, I make it look so easy, I might make you sick, I'm talkin mixtape Sneezy, Wickedly talented, one and only, Adele Dazeemy, Josh Rules Everything Around Me, guess that makes me J.R.E.A.M.Y. Working so hard, I'd just rather count and stack it, My paintings breaking new ground, I just call em frackin, Here comes the new Flava in Your Ear, Craig Mackin, I'm too good at being humble not to spend my time braggin, I don't want to clean my brushes, I'm throwing them away, Paint the town red, soak em in Chardonnay, I'll just do it tomorrow, it'll be ok, Pthalo Turq, Lead White, Torrit Grey, I'm so driven B, I got nothin but passion, Racin to the track, call it hundred yard dashin, Rockin this beat like it's Kim Kardashin, Black Prophetic Fire, I got color interaction, Nikes on my feet, and Loubies in the studio, My hovercraft is full of many eels, Ricky Rubio, My given name is Artis, but you can call me Coolio, Hoppin in the Scotch, Cortàzar Julio, Right wingers are Conferderate Dunces, My paintings aren't as good as Dubya Bush's, Jeb for President, enough is enough is, Caite Upton flow, I got "Such as, on such as... such as the Iraq" You gotta win by two, Call your own fouls yeah, you know what it do, Ain't afraid of nothin nothin, About Nothin Much Ado, I'm afraid of the Nothing, Hero and Atreyu, On the court, you can't handle the truth, Justice will be done when Josh Judges Ruth, Chief Supreme court, my handles are uncooth, Artraps, Art Fairs, step into the booth, These dirty brushes, should be someone else's problem, Studio Assistant says, "Don't worry, I got em." My whole team here but we started from the bottom, Shades on a plane, call me Hilary Rodham, Metta World Peace is now A Friend of the Pandas, Rap game republic on the Island of Atlantis, My vision is clear you can call me Kurt Rambis, On your ears and your mind like some Axl Rose bandanas, Oh Stephanie!!! I hope you know that I own this, You can't Touch it, It's all mine, it's all mine like the onus, MC Hammer Pants, Sally Duncan Heinz Donuts, Nymphomaniac, Lars Von Ulrich Obrist, New feet on my Prius, All-Season radials, My drive is non-stop it's like it's insatiable, Keepin up with me, will make you feel incapable, I'm smarter than a woman!!! Dad, you're not smarter than a woman, Well... it's debatable
First let me punch freee, creepin in my prius, I don't want to rap all night, but you will likely need us, Squint your eyes from side to side, and you can probably see us, Eco Mode, I go real slow, Rosencrantz and Beavis, You can bob and weave all night, but Imma box believe this, I make a splash a Cannonball, cuz I remember the Breeders, You can make a formal complaint and take it to your leaders, Yeah, ya heard me right,---------------- you can't even see us, --------------, you joke, Rocky and Bullwinkus, Oh you want to fight prick, left and right heat seekers, Back to my business, Creepin Creepin in My Prius, Boy you lookin so hard, I know how bad you want to be us, This just comes so naturally, like syrup from the trees, Sweet and slow, like Homers' Doh, Marge is rocking the beez nest, Oh my Gawd, Gnashin Teeth, second coming of Yeezus, 3 Pak, Dee Pak, Now who's the third Jesus, Blessings on blessings on blessing on blessings, that's 4 different sneezes, My lyricals go pasteurize, that's 3 different cheeses, Left Eye, Mona, Bonet. That's three different Lisa's, Get out of My Dreams, Get into My Car, Creepin in my Prius. I'm repping Buffalo, Charlie Burchfield Shmingus Dyngus, My blue print is shiny, follow the sequence of the sequins, My name is showing up shows with increasing frequence, Thats Primetime, Deion Sanders, Offense and Defense, NIKES on my feet, but in my head I'm rockin A.D.I.D.A.S. Dinosaur on the Mic I'm Diane Rheemesish Lady Gogo, Gaga, that chick is Slavoj Zizek's Lady Duff Gordon, that's Titanic Seasick, kleenex, She's on a boat, I am the G.O.A.T. Send the game my grievance, I'm on the top, your down below, your shoes are made of cement, This is the stop, ARTRAPS are dead, this is their bereavement, I'm the single survivor alive, I think we're all in agreement.


Includes tracks by Mike MC, Zahar Vaks, Fritz Hortsman, Gary Setzer, Sarah Rushford (feat. Rayline Cardosa), Sheilah Wilson, Joshua Bienko, John Powers, Devin KKenny, AYO 865, Peter Cotroneo, Dana DeGiulio, Martin Lang, David Wilson, Danny Greene and Mel Chin


released July 17, 2015

Produced by Joshua Bienko


all rights reserved



Martin Kitchenburger Knoxville, Tennessee

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